A journey from investment wizard to fitness guru: Story of Vidur Sodhadni

Blog by: Pratibha Purohit


The founder and managing director of “Elementation- Health and Sports” is turning 44 on 18th of this month and we are looking forward to know what inspired a management consultant to jump into fitness industry and that too emerging out with flying colors. It’s been more than 11 years since he started his first gym and is moving ahead with no aim of looking back.

Mr. Vidur did his bachelors from Delhi University and flew to London for his masters. He did MBA from London Business School and soon started serving as Management Consultant in Marita Limited. It had been four years that he worked in corporate world and by that time he got much more acquainted with market strategies.

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Everything was going well until he came up with a spinal injury. He returned to India, joined a rehabilitation centre where doctor advised him to get into a gym. He didn’t find any proper fitness centre nearby and as he was already a man who advises others to get a startup gave chance to himself and thought of getting into fitness industry by launching his first fitness centre named “Elementation-Health and Sport”in 2006 at infinity tower, Gurugram.Because of having good command on market strategies and passion of making others fit, today he has expanded his business and owns 8 branches in major cities like Gurugram, Chandigarh, Mohali, New Delhi, Noida with some in corporate as well as in residential areas. Today the firm has over 10,000 active members connected to it.

Elementation gyms are fully equipped with advanced machineries. On asking about the techniques and training methodologies used, he says,”we use lifefitness equipments and follow personalized training for all our members by giving special attention and getting feedback from each of them. The training is not specific and varies from member to member.” He further added,”We are still growing and hopefully want to see ourselves to mega cities like Mumbai and Bangalore in successive years.”

On asking about who you take as a competitor from any of the other fitness chains around he says,”Actually none of them, we are looking at things differently and such concerns hardly make any difference to us”. These words truly reflect the confidence he has on his work and the enthusiasm he is carrying with himself. We hope that he goes very high and achieve all the heights he dreamt of..!!!

Know more about us at http://www.bfysportsnfitness.com 

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