9 Ted talks you should listen for listen.

Blog by-Pooja Seth

1.Sculpt your body, sculpt your life|yasmeen chauhan|TEDxAmityUniversity

Yasmeen Chauhan, a competitive bodybuilder, an entrepreneur who owns a gym in Gurgaon shares the story of her struggles, challenges and how she reached this position. In this talk, she shares how she used weight training, resistance training to be their best version of herself. She bursts many stereotypes people have regarding bodybuilding and the importance of weight training.

2.Nadya Andreeva: A healthy lifestyle you can stomach

In this talk, she talks about the importance of a healthy bowel system and shares the dietary changes and some practices that one can make in their life to improve circulation in the stomach. It is a really nice talk to improve your digestion and give you a more healthy bowel system.

3.Why fitness is more important than weight| Leanne Spencer| TedxWandsworth

In her talk, she talks about how people have a mindset that fitness is all about losing weight. She talks about the importance of fitness which more than just looking fabulous. People have so many myths for fitness and in this talk, she explains the truth vs the myths. She encourages people to focus on functional fitness and incorporating exercise in our daily lives for all the benefits it brings.

4.Functional fitness and its necessity|Shwetambri Shetty|TedxAmritaUBanglore

She is a fitness expert at cultfit, In her talk, she shares about functional fitness and how general day-to-day movements, when perfected can transform lives. She talks about hoe movements replicate our day to day movements. She aims to make people fitter, happier and healthier. She stresses that fitness is more than just hitting the gym, it is a part of life. Tune into her talk to explore the different aspects of fitness.

5.The brain changing benefits of exercise| Wendy Suzuki

In her innovative talk, she gives people the knowledge that how simply moving your body and doing movements have so much protective and healthy effects on your brain. She shares how she used her knowledge of neuroscience to understand why exercise is the most transformative thing you can do for yourself. You must be getting curious right? Tune in to her talk and explore all the benefits and grab all that you can.

6.Natural Bodybuilding: Become the best version of yourself |Mischa Janiec

In his talk, he tries to motivate people on how to reach the best versions of themselves. He is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, personal coach and pro natural bodybuilder from Switzerland. He shares his story from how became all this from a lazy, troublemaker kid. He lays stress on the importance of getting out of your comfort zone.

7.Exercise, Nutrition and Health: Keeping it Simple|Jason Kilderry|TEDxDrexeIu

He reflects in his talks about how he took up boxing and karate at a very early age and tells about how to keep health and fitness simple and inculcate it your life with ease .

8.Winning the Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity| Ogie Shaw| TEDxSpokane

Physical fitness does not need to be complicated. He has a passion for fitness, health and motivates people on how to win the battle with the mind of physical fitness and obesity.

9.Thinking your way into health|Kamilah Stevenson| TEDxWillowCreek

She talks about the importance of eating good, you won’t be able to fulfil any of your dream while eating like a zombie. You have to be mindful of what you feed your body and to have that you need to understand what health means to you.