8 Easy-To-Follow Fitness Tips By Milind Soman.

Blog By: Kavitha Iyer.

Speak out his name, Milind Soman, and you are immediately transported back to the 90s. A music video featuring a tall, dark and handsome guy with a chiseled torso came out of the box on the tunes of Alisha Chinai’s ‘Made In India’. This guy had and continues to have the power to make women fall head-over-heels in love with him. A leading model, actor and an all-round fitness enthusiast, Milind was in news for successfully completing the toughest triathalon ever. At the IRONMAN Triathlon, in Zurich, Switzerland on July 19, 2015, Milind finished off the task in just 15 hours and 19 minutes, winning himself the title, ‘Ironman’.

Needless to mention, this man has a fitness regime to-die for. So, we bring in some tips for the soon-to-be grooms inspired by the Ironman, to help keep them in shape for their big day. It would do you a lot of good to pay heed to his advice as his fitness mantra makes him look no less than a 20-year old, when in fact, he is over 50 years of age!

#1. Running or walking amidst nature

This is the best form of exercise and according to Milind, has great benefits for the overall health of a person. The best part about it- that it is free of cost! If you choose to run on a trail that is filled with natural beauty and vegetation, then your experience will be ethereal and one-of-a-kind. Running or walking amidst nature has its unique health benefits and also it helps to uplift the mood tremendously.

#2. Exercising indoors

This is a modern day take on running. Since life has become strenuous, people cannot even make time for running or jogging, forget about doing it amidst the nature. This has given rise to a fitness regime that is popular among many corporate executives- jogging or walking indoors. This requires the aid of a treadmill. Milind says that this activity is especially for those people that have to work unearthly hours, while maintaining a sitting posture. You will feel the change in your mood and fitness after about a week of following this routine.

#3. Cycling

Milind is of the opinion that cycling should replace your mode of transport from your home to your office and back. This will make you not miss a day at work, and also help you manage your fitness along with your work schedule. Cycling helps develop various muscles in your legs, and also gives a great workout to your abdominal muscles.

It regulates the blood flow of the body as well as detoxifies it. Keep cycling, and you will be fit and ready for your big day.

#4. Swimming

This is another fitness helper that Milind swears by. Swimming keeps your core muscles in check and also revitalises your internal organs. Because of the strain that it causes to your breathing, your lungs will also get a much-needed workout. And plus, swimming is a really fun activity, it always uplifts the mood. It tones the body and reduces fat. So, all you guys with signs of a pot belly, start swimming and be as fit as a fiddle on your wedding day.

#5. Hydration

Water is the most essential element, as 70 per cent of our body is made up of water. If you do not keep yourself hydrated enough, then it will lead to complications that will build up over a period of time and cause major issues in the future. Therefore, you must drink adequate amounts of water. Milind says that drinking the right amount of water every day is important, and that you must drink more than required or else it will also have ramifications on your health. As per science, water is also a great agent to clear the skin of all toxins. It will make your skin lose all the acne and give it a natural glow.

#6 . Get your body to function at 100%

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, most people tend to lose the plot. They just go to the gym to bulk up, and get a chiseled and muscled body. However, that is only an external factor. Internally, the body is functioning on a wavelength that is not entirely efficient. Milind is of the opinion that once you get your body to function at 100 per cent of its capacity, then you can accomplish most things in life with ease. Investing in a lot of beauty products to spruce you up may make you look beautiful, but it would not make you feel good from inside. That is why, you need to spruce yourself up internally by eating a healthy diet inclusive of fruits, so as to achieve that happiness and contentment that comes from a fully functional and cooperative body.

#7. Running barefoot

Putting something between the ground and your feet hampers your body’s ability to gain from signals that the ground sends. In other words, you will be more aware of your posture and be able to manage yourself much more naturally and gracefully. Running barefoot also gives you a feeling of being one with the earth. Milind says that he initially started running barefoot just to experience how it felt, but stuck to the practice after it improved his focus and control while running.

#8. Breathing

Your whole being depends on the way you go about completing this simple function- breathing. Most of us do not breath in a manner that is conducive to the overall health of our body. If you breathe right, then your body will respond more organically to the signals you send and also function optimally. Milind explains this further saying,

“Not breathing right is a problem faced by most of the world today, and it is absolutely appalling! Breathe right and you will feel uplifted.”

Studies have shown that the functional levels of your body and mind increase after a session of correct breathing. The effects are almost instantaneous and the long term benefits are also plenty. Do this, and your big day will be one wherein you will enjoy like never before. Plus, you will look great while doing it!


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