7 Mistakes you make that ruins your fitness


Fitness in the modern world

The great Indian cuisine is just the one which is irresistible. The fragrance of a meal passes throughout the colony whenever a mother prepares a biryani or rajma. It is undeniable that the taste and the variety our Indian cuisine offers is incomparable. More we eat-more we drool is the rule ! The previous generations loved the traditional food over the junk which is popular in the modern world. They ate ‘mithais’ instead of a cadbury, they preferred ‘namkeen’ over a cup of tea instead of an Uncle chips. No doubt the older generation is fitter and faces comparatively lesser health hazards. In modern India where the pace of life has boomed and specially in the urban cities where competition is taking over the peace in life, both the kids as well as the elders are encountering infinite health problems at a pre-mature age. This brings all of us to a thought that where are we going wrong? The fitness mantra of the older generation seems to be missing in this high profile-fast paced world where we become aficionados  of our respective fields but fail to succeed in maintaining our own health.

7 Mistakes you do throughout the day to ruin your fitness

  1. Getting up Late


  2. Skipping the breakfast

  3. Avoiding Warm-ups/Exercises

  4. Not Sleeping for at least 8 hours

  5. Major lapses in your diet ( Junk food or unhealthy food consumption)

  6. Spending most of the time looking at a screen ( mobile/laptop/tv)

  7. No meditation


The development of modern fitness culture is the need of the hour and hence state of the art facilities need to be developed for promoting and attracting people to stay healthy and fit for the challenges upfront. Going to the gym is not the only solution of being fit. Getting the professional assistance while doing exercises, following a good balanced diet/nutrition and giving yourself stress-free time is the mantra to fitness in the modern world.

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Blog by- Kartikeya Chaturvedi