7 Minute Workout Fitness Application

Blog By: Abhishek Pandit

What is 7 minute workout?


As name says 7 minute, it is a 7 minute workout training app. This is the app for the people who are busy in life with their work. This is the app developed by SIMPLE DIGITAL LTD. It is an ITS company from LONDON.

WEBSITE: http://www.simpledigital.com.sg

How app works:-

Firstly you will see Different types of exercises section.

  1. Classic: In this you will find classical/basic workout 13 exercises and their demos like
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Wall sit
  4. Push ups
  5. Abdominal Crunches
  6. Step-up onto Chair
  7. Squats
  8. Triceps Dips on chair
  9. Plank
  10. High Stepping
  11. Forward Lunges
  12. Push Up and Rotation
  13. Side Plank(2x)
  14. Abs: In this you will learn about abs workout.
  15. Jumping Squats
  16. Reverse Crunches
  17. Straight Arm Plank
  18. Russian Twist
  19. Bird Dog
  20. Burpees
  21. Long Arm Crunch
  22. One leg Bridge
  23. One Leg Push Up
  24. Plank
  25. Cross Arm Crunches
  26. Mountain Climber
  27. Bridge
  28. Bicycle Crunches
  29. Butt: In this workout you will work on your butt.
  30. Squats
  31. Froggy Glutes Lifts
  32. Forward Lunges
  33. Butt Bridge
  34. Donkey Kicks Left
  35. Split Squat Right
  36. Fire Hydrant Left
  37. Fire Hydrant Right
  38. Plie Squats
  39. Donkey Kicks Right
  40. Donkey Kicks Left
  41. Sumo Squat calf Raises
  42. Split Squat Left
  43. Legs: Here you will train your legs.
  44. Calf Raises
  45. Curtsy Lunges
  46. Single Left Leg Calf Raises
  47. Side Lunges
  48. Lunge Knee Hops Left
  49. Single Right Leg Calf Raises
  50. Bottom Leg Lift Left
  51. Bottom Leg Lift Right
  52. Lunge Knee Hops Right
  53. Side Leg Circles Left
  54. Side Leg Circles Right
  55. Backward Lunge With Front Kick Left
  56. Backward Lunge With Front Kick Right
  57. Arm Workout: Training of Arms
  58. Side Arm Raise
  59. Push Ups
  60. Triceps Dips
  61. Diamond Push-ups
  62. Punches
  63. Up and Down Plank
  64. Shoulder Stretch
  65. Arm Circles
  66. Reverse Push-ups
  67. Punches
  68. One Leg Push-ups
  69. Plank Taps
  70. Triceps Stretch Left
  71. Triceps Stretch Right
  72. Sleepy Time Stretch: Yes sleep time exercise. Before sleep workout
  73. Kneeling Lunge Stretch left
  74. Kneeling Lunge Stretch right
  75. Calf Stretch Left
  76. Calf Stretch Right
  77. Triceps Stretch Left
  78. Triceps Stretch Right
  79. Cat Cow Pose
  80. Cobra Stretch
  81. Child’s Pose
  82. Spine Lumbar Twist Stretch left
  83. Spine Lumbar Twist Stretch Right

Now these are the main sections of human body. Just 20-21 minutes daily will make you healthy.

Features: There are many features for users as per their choice they can set timings and many things.

  1. Calendar: In calendar you can set the date for notifications as well as for many other things
  2. Settings: In settings you can Workout’s circuits, exercise period, rest set, countdown time, sound and voice.

What you need?: Is just a Chair and a wall. Then your whole body will start training.

know more at: https://www.bfysportsnfitness.com/blogs

App download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.popularapp.sevenmins&hl=en


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