6 ways to build muscles to lose weight, look young and stay fit

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

If you think that muscle building means bulking up think again. If you want to look good and be healthy then building muscle is the way to do it. The oh-so-fit trainer Deanne Pandey, who also trains many Bollywood stars tells us why you should step into the weight room. Here is an excerpt from her book Shut Up and Train!

Muscles rev up your body’s system:
When you increase your power and strength by building muscles, you will immediately experience a boost in our energy levels. Your digestion and elimination process will improve. You will be in a happy state of mind as your body will release happy hormones or ‘endorphins’ which will make you feel good. Your brain will get a rest from the constant thoughts of work and daily life as you focus on physical exercise. Your stress levels will automatically dip. You will sleep better and you will wake up refreshed.

Muscles keep you healthy:
Your cardiovascular circulation and lung capacity increase when you strength train. Researchers think that weight-bearing exercises may include biochemical changes that improve body’s ability to form one tissue. Studies have shown that consistent strength training can increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. In people at high risk of diabetes, strength training can decrease blood sugar levels. It also reduces arthritis pain because strong muscles help support and protect joints. Building muscles also promotes weight loss, which reduces pressure on your joints.

Muscles burn fat:
Your body fat percentage will automatically reduce once you start weight training. You already know that lean muscle mass can give your metabolic rate a big jump. It’s like putting a big bonfire on your body. The more muscle you build, the more fire you stroke. You want to keep this fire burning brightly so that you can melt away your body fat even when the body is at rest. Your blood pressure lowers just as little as 4 kilos of weight loss.

Muscles give your body the best shape: Muscle is much denser than fat. This is the reason why when you build muscles, your body gets tight and firm and your clothes look good on you. Unless you pump your body with steroids, you will not develop unnaturally large muscles. This is true especially for women who are scared to pick up weights.

Muscles keep you young:
Building muscles can literally turn back your genetic clock. By making your body work harder through weight training, you force it to stay younger. Muscle and connective tissue are our body’s supporting structure. As we age they deteriorate unless given regular stimulus. Studies have proven that regular and progressive weight training activates our body to repair and regenerate.

Muscles make you confident:
When you build muscles and develop the discipline of weight training regularly, you will gain a giant boost in confidence and self-esteem. You will walk taller, you can wear clothes you want with ease, and you will be able to use your body more effectively in daily movements. Gone will be the person who is insecure and troubled by routine aches and pains. You will notice that you will do all other daily activities with ease.