5 tips and tricks to follow while running !


Blog By: Alolika Banerjee


Walking and running are the quickest ways we know to blast up to 25 percent more calories, boost your energy instantly, and sculpt lean, sexy muscles — even your abs! Here, everything you need to know about injury-prevention, speed tips, and more…plus our favorite 45-minute workout for any fitness level.

Here I give you 5 hacks to boost up your running or walking regime!


  1. To get started, stride right
    Leaning into each stride increases momentum, which makes everything feel easier, even as you go faster. How far you lean depends on your pace. If you walk, hinge forward slightly from the hips. If you run, move from the ankles. Keep this forward-leaning position throughout your run or walk, It should almost feel like you have to take a step to catch yourself from falling.
  2. Keep your abs tight

    All movement starts from your core, so it makes sense to keep it strong and engaged while you walk or run. To actively engage your abs, imagine zipping up a pair of jeans from your pubic bone to your navel and keeping them tight during the workout. You’ll tone your abs, legs, and butt.

  3. Flex your toes

    Pull your toes up as you step. You’ll recruit moreleg muscles and propel yourself forward to go faster. Another way to pick up speed (and blast calories): Bend your elbows 90 degrees and keep them close to you, swinging from your shoulders. This speeds up your arms so the legs will follow.

  4. Challenge yourself
    You should experience some huffing and puffing, even if you’re walking. Out with a friend? You should be a bit breathless as you talk. Another way to tell if you’re at the right pace — strap on a pedometer. Take at least 3,000 to 4,000 steps in a half hour and you’ll be within the right zone.
  5. Update your playlist

    Into Bach, not Beyonce? Give her a shot: Adding faster, more upbeat tunes to your iPod may help you to run harder and faster. It may also help reduce your rate of perceived exertion (how hard the exercise feels).

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