5 signs of a diet too good to be true

13313759_849115675194424_2074626378_oBlog By: Sonali Shukla

“If there is one common element among people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off, it’s that they made a “lifestyle change.”- Reader’s Digest

Adding on the same context, it is not just important to shed pounds but also to keep it away for the rest of your life. And how does one achieve that? To start with, do not go for starvation or those crazy-fad diets, which are hard to maintain in the long run. A combination of balanced diet incorporating all the necessary proteins, vitamins and carb and substituting junk with healthy is your way out. So, if your diet matches with following five signs, you’re on a diet that’s doing you no good

  1. A diet that is in complete contrast with your current eating habits

    Old habits die-hard; making you stick to them no matter how motivated you’re to stay fit. So if you cannot imagine your Sunday without a heavy meal including your most craved upon stuff, then you’re doing it wrong. Solution is, stick to what you like, only find out ways to combine it with some healthy elements

  2. When you do not lose weight too quick

    It’s motivating to see that weighing machine triggering down to a lower scale than it used to, but if you do not lose weight initially, you may start famishing which will lead to unhealthy weight loss. No good again!!! You might be losing water weight, which in the long run helps to burn stored fat. So stick to healthy eating

  3. No physical activity but healthy eating

    A research says that the little fidgeting that we do daily burns over 348 calories a day. So imagine if you made some bigger moves combined with healthy eating in place of only gulping boiled food sitting on a couch. Now that’s some good news. Move, now!!

  4. When you cannot eat with your friends and family

    A diet plan that is too restrictive that it doesn’t allow you to catch up with your friends and family over a dinner or lunch, won’t stick around too long. Also, if you’re diet includes food that nobody in the house eats, you will lose it someday or the other. Why not follow a diet which is flexible and also lets you stay fit? After all, family and friends is all we got.

  5. You’re famished and hungry all the time

    Eat what you like, only in limiting portions.

    If you’re diet makes you feel overly- hungry and if there’s nothing you can think about but food, there are very fair chances that you’re missing out on required carbs, fats and food that makes you feel full. In the long run, you’ll feel grumpy and a small spat or bad day is enough to trigger the hungry monster in you. So, why starve?

If a lot of the above matches, it’s high time to change your diet, which not only makes you healthy but happy and motivated to stay fit.

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