5 Qualities of a Good Fitness Instructor

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi

Did you ever had one teacher in grade school who made a horrible class more tolerable? Or that other teacher that made your favorite subject the most dreadful period of each day? Fitness instructors are no different.

There are those instructors that make the most painful class fly by as if it were a minute long, while simultaneously making sure you are getting in a great workout. On the other hand, there are those instructors we experience once and avoid going back to because they were so horrible.

Unfortunately for all you instructors out there, you have the power to make or break a class-goers experience. So, what makes the perfect fitness instructor? There are many variables that go into this equation. Let’s dive in.

5 Qualities of a Good Fitness Instructor

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Music plays an integral role in anyone’s fitness experience. Some prefer to run long distances with no music, while others cannot function through a workout without some pump-up jams. In a group fitness setting, the latter is usually the majority. Bad music can ruin your exercise mojo. Therefore, trainers make sure your music is hype-up worthy! Spotify is a great place to discover new jams and gather a playlist with the click of a “thumbs up”. There are also pre-made playlists related to fitness that you can skim through!


Instructors, do not let your students go through a whole class performing everything incorrectly. There is something admirable about an instructor who takes the time to walk around the class and correct their students’ form. If people aren’t engaging in the correct form, they will more than likely not benefit as much from the workout. Correcting form shows that you care about your class, and also shows that you know your stuff.


By the same token, do not make it known that someone has incorrect form. Understand that the people taking your class are of many different fitness levels, so even though you may be showing them exactly what to do, chances are some of them will be in the beginning stages of their fitness journey and won’t be able to perfect the exercises right away. Show them what to do and how to do it, and if they simply cannot perform the exercise in any one specific way, move on. Encourage your class and adjust your instructions for each individual.


Begin the class by asking everyone if they did something fun over the weekend. Tell them a fun fact about yourself. Engage them. Make them laugh. Nobody likes a stoic, cold instructor who does nothing but walks around yelling at you. While you may be nervous to teach your class, remember that there are people taking your class who could be just as nervous. Some new students are reluctant to take group fitness classes, so by coming off as relatable, you are calming them down and making them feel comfortable.


Provide praise. Show your students that you have a sincere interest in their progress. Do not only correct their form by telling them what they are doing wrong but throughout the class point out what they are doing right, tell them to keep it up, to keep going. Motivation is key to the learning process. Your students could have gone to the gym and done their own workout, but they chose to take your class. They want to learn, so encourage them now and they will be motivated to continue.

Know more about us at http://www.bfysportsnfitness.com 

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