Weight loss- So what should you eat?

Blog by: Jyoti Hassanandani

“The food you eat can be

either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

―Ann Wigmore


WEIGHT LOSS – So what should you eat?

Every thing that you were raised on is what you should always try to eat. Your parents never fed you on junk and always encouraged you to eat the staple food.

  • Your body is very efficient at digesting your staple food.
  • Your staple food always gives you feeling of satiety even if you eat it in small quantities. Because that’s what you grew up eating.
  • Your staple food is packed with nutrition and your genes love it.

– “Food that is regularly consumed in a community or society and from which people obtain most or a significant proportion of their calorie requirements.”

Still confused what you should eat. Look inside the kitchen at your home and see what is being cooked for ages. This is the food you should be eating.

Eating is not just feeding your body. Eating is also feeding your mind. Your mind can be fed only by eating what you love to eat. You can go on a diet where you consume steamed vegetables, fruits and clear soups whole day. But you can’t sustain very long on such diets. Because even if body is getting fed mind is not.



  • Diet is limiting the quantity of food.
  • Diet is timing the intake of food. This means knowing what should be eaten and at what time it should be eaten.
  • Diet is limiting the oil used in cooking and using healthy ways of cooking. Like not reusing oil that’s been used twice for frying.
  • Diet is making healthy choices. Eat protein rich food and vegetables more and limit carbohydrates and fats.
  • Diet is eating fresh cooked food and never frozen or ready to eat food.
  • Diet is controlling indulgence.


I have prepared several examples to help you get a knack of this :

1 – When you want to lose weight mango is first fruit that gets black listed. When u were a child, in summers your mother gave you mango fruit to eat. You should continue to eat mangoes now also in summers. But limit the quantity and time it. Eat it in the morning empty stomach or after workout. These are the times when body needs quick sugar. But never eat it as dessert after meals. And never eat more than one mango.

In the name of diet we cut foods body loves. Gradually mind becomes desperate seeker and we end up eating chocolates, cakes and pastries loaded with empty calories. One mango weighing 350 grams is just 200 calories. It will give you immense satisfaction that you are eating what you like to eat. It is packed with nutrients and is rich in antioxidants.

So if you want to cut down cravings for pastries and sweets then eat seasonal fruits you love to eat. Your brain will feel fed and will rarely give you signals of desperateness.

2 – On a usual day for breakfast you eat 2 slices of bread, two whole eggs, some fruit

and a glass of milk or coffee. What’s the right way of modifying it. Certainly not replacing everything with plain oats and milk with no sugar. Over a period of time desperateness will creep in. You could change it like this –

1 slice of bread. You can use bread made at your home like Indian people can use Indian bread that is roti.

3-4 egg white. If you like then one egg yellow

No fruit just low fat milk or coffee. Control milk portion size.

So effectively you have cut carbs from bread, carbs and fat from egg yellow and carbs from fruit. You have also added more protein by having 4 egg whites. You can eat fruit later like post workout. But not everything at once.

Note – If you want to eat a fruit like mango for breakfast then cut milk and bread and add the fruit.

3- In between meals when you are hungry you grab a packet of chips or biscuits. Instead make a habit of reaching out to peanuts or other nuts you prefer to eat. Or you can take a slice of bread and spread peanut butter on it or cheese. Add cucumbers and tomatoes to make a sandwich. Or have a glass of milk or a bowl of curd.

Replacing fried things with these nutritious things packed with protein and healthy fat will satiate u just like a bag of chips would do. By making right choices you have cut the huge amount of carbs and the not so good fats of chips. Also you added protein and good fat from nuts.

Note – Control portion size of nuts as 100 grams peanuts is 550 calories mostly coming from fats and protein.

4- Mid day meal – Eat your regular food. Keep this in mind

Cut the foods high on carbs and fats. Add veggies and food that is high in protein. Like bring down portion size of rice and add chicken or fish.

Cook vegetables the way it’s been traditionally cooked at your home like make curry etc. Healthy oil like olive, peanut, coconut, rice bran, sunflower etc used for cooking these curries are very good for body.

I know people in the name of diet eat peanut butter because they have healthy fats but cut the food that’s made at home because it is cooked in oil. Then eat steamed vegetables for nutrition. The oil in home cooked food is much better and fresh than the oil in peanut butter. The spices used at home in cooking curries etc give taste and aroma to food and also build up digestive fire. Also home cooked traditional food not only feeds your

stomach it also feeds your mind.

5 – 5-7 pm evening snacking is very important to help you cut the dinner portion. People who workout late this could be your pre-workout meal. It will boost your workout performance. What should you eat at this time? Chicken or egg sandwich or roll and vegetarians can eat veg sandwich or roll and add a slice of cheese to increase protein content. For rolls make sure it is made of wheat and better home made. You can also eat proper food that you usually eat at dinner time. Anything that is not too heavy on your stomach and is high in protein to keep you satisfied. This practice ensures that:

You aren’t too hungry at dinner time and you don’t end up overeating.

Dinner is the lightest meal. So you don’t eat too much just before going to bed.

6  Dinner – You can eat a small portion of dinner. Anything that is regularly cooked at home. Remember to make healthy choices and control portion size.