Acupuncture Studio in India

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These practices are not backed up by scientific knowledge and involve insertion of thin needles into specific points in the body up to various depths. It is claimed that this technique can cure various health problems, enhance wellbeing and can help relieve in different pains, such as headaches, blood pressure problems and whooping cough.


Benefits of Acupuncture

There are numerous benefits of acupuncture and so it is gaining popularity in modern era. These practices help in curing numerous illnesses as well as pains in various parts of the body. Apart from these basic benefits, following are some of the benefits:-

  1. It balances blood levels through needles.
  2. It is believed to relieve stress, both mental and physical.


Market Size

The market of people using the acupuncture therapy is increasing day by day. Due to increase in western influence, more and more people are going for acupuncture therapies to treat their diseases. Due to increasing medications and more severe side effects of the normal medicines prescribed by the doctors, people are searching for lesser harmful and more natural ways to get themselves treated; this is where acupuncture gets to play the major role!

As the field of fitness and bodybuilding is gaining popularity, acupuncturists are gaining more and more advantage from it. Most of the bodybuilders go for acupuncture and cupping therapies in order to relax their muscles, recover from injuries and get rid of muscle soreness. Apart from this, the number of professional bodybuilders in the market is increasing manifolds; these bodybuilders require great acupuncturists and cupping therapy experts from time to time to undergo therapies.

Apart from this, there is an increase in people seeking professional acupuncture studios because of the increase in the number of employees in the corporate sector, the number of people suffering from tension, back pain, neck pain, mental stress, etc. is increasing and acupuncture has proven its worth in treating these conditions or at least providing some relief. To add to this, acupuncture is also believed to provide relief to people suffering from insomnia, which is a rising problem in modern day India.

Moreover, many doctors are referring certified and well-trained acupuncturists to their patients as end number of diseases can be treated with acupuncture. So, if you’re a doctor you can yourself get a certification or post-graduation degree from various institutes in the country and set up your own acupuncture studio.

Proper Acupuncture Studios in India

There are only a handful of authentic and professional acupuncture studios. There have been many deaths due to various acupuncturists who are not certified; this therapy requires one to be properly trained as it includes inserting needles in specific points.


So, if you can grab an authentic certification in the field, there is a great scope for growth and development. The next question that arises is that how to get a degree or a certification in acupuncture; the answer is simple, you can apply for various courses available in Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Institute of Acupuncture and Natural Medicines; apart from these, you can simply apply for bachelors and post-graduation degree from various colleges.


Job Aspect of Acupuncturist

The job aspect of an acupuncturist is not great as of now because most of the acupuncturists work under the supervision of professional doctors of practitioners. Moreover, there are not much jobs available currently in the country but the number of jobs in increasing each year. As of now, the average salary of acupuncturist is Rs. 15,000 per month. It can also go way above than that but with experience. You will have to dedicate time in order to earn great in this field.

Business Aspect of Acupuncturist

If you’re planning to set up your own acupuncture studio in India, it will be better if you do it after obtaining a proper degree and at least 5 years of experience because any casualty will lead to degradation of the studio as well as may land you up in a cell.

Leaving these things apart, if you have got a proper certification or degree and a good work experience, then you can set up your studio without any worry. Initially, you will face a few difficulties in getting clients but after a few months or a year, you will get good number of clients. The geographical location of the studio also matters. A studio set up in a developed and metropolitan city such as Mumbai, Delhi, etc. can get famous really quick and you can start earning good in a short span of time. Moreover, cities where bodybuilding has got it roots deep are a good ground for setting up an acupuncture studio.


You may also tie up with a gym and provide special discount to their clients or give them some amount of the profit made by the clients they have referred. This is a great business idea.

Apart from this, you’ll need a good investment to set up a studio as it requires numerous equipment and standards need to be followed. You need to undergo basic legal work before setting up the studio; these include basic steps required before setting up any business or store.


The field of acupuncture has not developed yet but is in its developing stage. So, a move in this field is really critical and requires a lot of patience. At the end of the day, it all depends on you and your choices; if you excel in the field, no one can stop you from getting success. Moreover, it is a delicate field so you need to be really dedicated towards your field and careful while handling patients.