Greg Whyte debunks five diet myths

Blog by: Suryakant Tripathi


Don’t eat carbs

“Zero-carb diets are nonsense because we need carbs to fuel the exercise which keeps us fit and healthy. Just control your intake and stick to complex carbs like rice, potatoes and pasta instead of sugary products.”

Aim for five a day

“It doesn’t matter whether you eat five or eight portions of fruit and veg a day, just that you get a good mix of colours. Each colour has different nutrients which support your health and fitness in different ways.”

Never eat fat

“Fat is crucial for energy metabolism, hormone production and brain function, so to have a fat-free diet would be extremely bad for you. Limit your intake of saturated fats and aim for fish oils, olive oils and avocados.”

It’s ok to skip a meal

“If you miss a meal you will mess up your metabolism and trigger cravings. Eat three meals a day and try to keep them evenly spaced out throughout the day.”

Snacks are bad

“If you are exercising regularly there is nothing wrong with a healthy snack to keep you feeling full. Go for snacks high in protein, like yogurt or nuts, as opposed to cakes and crisps.”

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