10 ways to lose weight naturally


Blog By: Kartikeya Chaturvedi

The taste of India they say is finger licking food! But what they do not say is that losing weight is even a bigger task than gulping what might not be so good for your weight and health. America has been a victim of obesity and is fighting obesity since a long time. Ever since the multinational culture has invaded India’s domestic markets, the trend of FAST-FOOD has emerged, and continues to woo both,the current an older generation today in the fast growing demography. India cannot be compared with America’s obesity rate but certainly our country is moving towards the phase where health hazards are potentially going to trouble us. Excessive weight becomes a reason for heart problems and high blood pressure which also means that keeping the weight under check is so important. Different ways to lose weight are discussed, where different ideas of loosing weight pop up. Some of the ways which today’s youth is following and believes in is by hitting the gym and taking supplements. Some go for surgery. Such practices are not only difficult to go through but also very dangerous to health. If one suddenly stops going to the gym or is irregular, his/her body might react very badly to the change and cause problems. Similarly, supplements and surgeries come with their own side effects. So what is the mantra to keep our weight under check? Can this be done naturally?

Lets find out :

Here are 11 ways through which you can lose weight naturally

  1. Avoid Salt

    Salt is responsible for retention of water within the large intestine. Further, salt tends to keep our blood pressure high, making us more prone to sweating. These factors raise our thirst and the tendency to consume beverages, including teas and colas, which contain sugar

  2. Use Water for weight loss

    Try to drink water every time you get hungry or you are about to have a meal, i.e. just before a major meal like a lunch or dinner. This is a simple and effective way of instantly quenching your hunger to a certain extent. More water also raises the metabolic rate or the rate at which the body uses calories, meaning you are losing more calories per hour.

  3. Fibre-Advantage

    Try to include more fiber in your diet. This should include soluble and insoluble fiber for ensuring that the digested food in your intestines absorbs more water. This in turn ensures that the feeling of being full is achieved quicker. Insoluble fiber is found in leafy salads that also help you limit your food intake naturally. This is because the raw state of most salad ingredients means that you need to chew a lot more. The extra chewing and salivating that accompanies it helps to control the hunger pangs for a few hours.

  4. Keep the snacking habit under check

    Snacking is perhaps the biggest sin a dieter can commit. To ensure that you stay away from the urge to bite into a chocolate or cookie, keep your mouth busy with sugar-free chewing gum. Try to sip iced or hot herbal teas prepared with minimal amount of sugar throughout the day. These are low cal aids that help to establish the feeling of feeding yourself without consuming too many calories, preventing the urge to snack.

  5. Exercise easily

    side profile of a mid adult man exercising on the floor

    You don’t need to take upon heavy gym routines to exercise your problem areas. For instance, climbing up and down the stairs is one of the easiest, most accessible types of cardiovascular exercise that works-out your hips, legs and thighs beautifully. Combine this with undemanding calorie-burners like brisk walks, walking to the nearby market, walking when talking on your mobile and taking upon more household chores.

  6. Know your food

    You need to be more alert when picking up packaged food items. Remember that non-saturated fats and essential fatty acids are the good kind of fats that your body needs for its basic functions. Food items bearing labels of low-fat or low-sugar might not necessarily contain lesser calories. Instead, try to make smarter substitutions. For instance, you can choose egg-less baked items and juices without sugar.

  7. Friends with Whole Grains

    Try to eat a larger concentration of foods made from whole grains (rotis, whole wheat breads, cookies and oatmeal) rather than refined or processed foods. Whole grains are more complex for the body to metabolize, taking a longer digestion route. This keeps the body busy for a longer period, ensuring that energy is released throughout the day. This helps to decrease the frequency and intensity of hunger pangs, particularly the sugar cravings.

  8. Psychological Preparedness

    Don’t be shy about your weight loss goals. In fact, use the people around you to your advantage. Announce it amongst your friends and family that they should thwart you every time you are headed for a bit piece of creamy cake or a cheese-loaded pizza.

  9. Precautions you shouldn’t ignore

    Maintaining your body frame is vital at the time of losing weight. Weight loss often causes loss of vital protein, weakening the muscles that are necessary to maintain the elasticity of our tissues. To ensure that you don’t lose too much of your lean muscle mass, ensure you consume egg whites on a daily basis. Avoid the yolk since it contains a high amount of cholesterol.

  10. Controlling Calorie Intake

    Make a diet, and start measuring the calories you take in for everyday. This will really give you an idea of what and how you are eating and where you should cut down the intake to help you reduce weight. There are various apps available on the app stores for feeding in and measuring the calorie intakes. Start the calculations today and see the difference in weeks.

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