What makes a good personal trainer?

While you’re trying to be a personal trainer, someone else is trying to be a better personal trainer. Opportunities in this field are increasing every day and so is competition. So, what are you doing to make sure you are going to survive in this environment? If your answer is nothing, you’re up for a hard ride, my friend. If someone else is able to satisfy your clients better than you, then you are definitely out of the window for them. Therefore, striving for continuous growth must always be your top most priority. Don’t know how to do that?
Do not worry; you can make sure you survive by simply keeping in mind the following things. What exactly makes a good persona trainer?

  1. Familiarize with your clients:
    To be a good personal trainer to your client, you must first learn about your client and let them learn about you. No, this doesn’t mean a conversation over coffee where you share your childhood dog’s name with each other. It is the conversation where your clients tell you about their daily routine, their triggers, what helps them motivate etc. and you can tell them about what your training methods are going to be like. This technique will help you both understand each other. It will get easier for you to frame their workout and its schedule. Also, they will have time to prepare themselves for the kind of training they’re going to get. This pre-planning always gains the trust of the client in you. Who knows? Maybe they’ll recommend you to their friends or neighbours.


  1. Follow what you teach:
    The best way to motivate somebody to do something is to set an example or an inspiration in front of them. If you take care of your health, stay fit and workout, your clients will get inspired by you and would want to follow your example to reach their goals. They will have a simpler time understanding your methods when they see the result in you. Besides, if you are a personal trainer who is not fit, they will just not trust you enough to hire you. Ever seen an uneducated person as a teacher?


  1. Stay focused on your goal:
    Not exercising at all is unhealthy but so is over-exercising. Some personal trainers focus their client’s energy on exercises they don’t need. Never do that. It not only says you are a bad trainer but also harms your client’s health. That is why, it is highly essential to stay focused on the end goal. When your client hires you and tells you their final goal, decide their daily workout plan there and then. Always follow it to succeed.


  1. Keep your client updated:
    Back in school, if your teachers would have just taught you every day without telling you how much progress you have made, would you have wanted to continue? Never make the mistake of keeping your client oblivious to their progress. What they are doing every day, why they are doing it, where have they reached, how much more they have to go – these are the questions that must be answered. Apart from this, there are many other technical questions your client might ask. Answer them patiently by using your communication skills wisely. Do not scare the client by telling them how hard it is going to be. It is your job to keep their mind relaxed and motivated.


  1. Tell them the importance of discipline:
    If you are already a personal trainer, you must be familiar with the rule breakers. These are the ones who don’t do the homework you gave them; eat what they are told not to eat etc. The best way to handle them is to beforehand explain to them the importance of discipline. If they break in the schedule you set for them, their money, time and energy will go to waste, and they would still not be as fit and healthy as they wanted to be. Teach them how to control the urges by giving examples of yourself or your previous clients. However, tell them that it’s okay to go easy on themselves once in a while, as long as they are in control. A piece of cake once in a while is nothing to feel guilty about. This will help them understand your point and not feel too restricted either. But remember to be strict about the homework you give them. If you told them they have to do twenty push-ups before you come, they have to do it.


  1. Knowledge and experience:
    We had to come on this point sometime, right? Nothing can help you be a good personal trainer in the minds of your clients if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience. First of all, you must be certified. It does not have to be a big degree to prove your worth. It can be just a course that shows you are aware of what you’re doing. The best way to do that is to visit BFY website and register yourself in the suitable course today. Apart from that, you must take a job somewhere before becoming an independent personal trainer. It will always look good and make your resume stronger.


  1. Passion and devotion:
    Lastly, you must be extraordinarily passionate and devoted towards being a good personal trainer. Nothing boosts the chances of your success more than your determination. As it is said: if you set your eyes on the goal, no one can stop you from reaching it. Get up every day with recharged motivation. Act like every day is your first and get ready accordingly. The drive of providing the best training must be visible on your face when you see your client. If nothing else, that will definitely do it.

These are the seven secret mantras you must imprint in your mind if you truly wish to be a good personal trainer.

To learn more about becoming a BFY certified trainer, visit BFY.

Weight Management

Did you know weight management was not just losing and gaining weight?
There is more to this than it seems. We have always been so focused on losing and gaining weight that we forget to maintain the right weight.
Are you too curious to learn that but don’t know how?

Do not worry. Because BFY is here with the best quality course for Weight Management!

Turn your plans into goals!
What is in the syllabus?

Your syllabus will be a detailed study of topics like:

  • Basic Nutrition
  • Components of Body Weight
  • Regulation of Body Weight
  • Weight Imbalance: Obesity
  • Weight Imbalance: Excessive Leanness
  • Nutrition in Eating Disorders


What is objective of this course?

The primary objective of this course would be to make the students familiar with the latest research in the field of weight management.
The objectives are broadly explained below:

  • Understanding the concept of Weight Management
  • Studying Basic Nutrition and its impact on Weight Management
  • Understanding the concept of Obesity and its complications
  • Studying the varying Nutritional Requirements of children and adults
  • Understanding the effect of Eating Disorders on physical and psychological health
  • Knowing about various Commercial Nutritional Supplements & Medicines for Weight Management
  • Planning Diets in relation to Weight Management


Who is eligible for this course?

  • B.B.S
  • D.S
  • H.M.S
  • A.M.S
  • U.M.S
  • Dieticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Health Professionals


How does the Attendance Policy work?

  • Maintaining attendance up to 95% (114 days out of 120) is compulsory. Any student who fails to do so will not be able to give final exams.
  • A minimum percentage of 40% is required to clear the internal exams.
  • On-time submission of the personal project is mandatory. Late projects/assignments will not be accepted.
  • It is important to attend all the class meetings, read lecture notes, and keep up with the reading & writing assignments.
  • Students must refer to the syllabus throughout the semester.


Grading Scale:


75% and above – A

60-74.9% – B

50-59.9% – C

Less than 50% – F (Fail)

What are the course requirements?

  • Internal Exams (3)
  • Individual Assignments (2)
  • Group Project (1)
  • Class Assignments


What is the marking system?


Internal Marks: 15% of total marks

Individual assignments: 10% of total marks

Group project: 5% of total marks

Class assignments: 5% of total marks

Practical: 15% of total marks

Final exams: 50% of total marks


Course Material:

Course Material will be provided as soon as the payment for the course is received.


Who will be the faculties?

  • Consulting Dietician (R.D.)
  • Professional Lecturers in the field of Clinical Nutrition


What are the passing marks?

50% (out of 100)

Yoga Instructor Insights and Business Ideas

India is a great place to learn a lot of things related to fitness industry, the courses over here are comparatively cheaper and offer same value as other. Well, in some fields, India excels the certification and knowledge provided by any other nation in the world; one of these fields is Yoga! Yes, you read that right, Yoga is an art that originated in India and has been in game since 5000 BC. Yoga is one of the most readily available options if you want to be fit, it doesn’t require you to take any additional supplements. Besides making you fit, Yoga adds to your flexibility and well-being; it can cure a number diseases as well as cure chronic pain! Moreover, Yoga can help achieve mental peace, which is need of modern day society!

Since Yoga is famous enough, we need not shed too much light on its benefits, history, etc. What we need to focus on is the business aspect of Yoga. There are certified Yoga trainers in India and all over the world. One needs to be certified in order to be a professional Yoga trainer or instructor.

Life of a Yoga instructor is not as peaceful as you think it to be, it has its own ups and downs. Being a yoga instructor sounds cool but what a full time yoga instructor has to go through is a hidden part of it, which many would not prefer to hear. But, but, but, it is worth it, all the pain and suffering which a newbie yoga trainer has to undergo gives its fruitful results later on.

How to become a Yoga Instructor?

To be a Yoga instructor, one needs to achieve certification in this field. For this, there are a number of options, one can learn from Yogis and go on to teach yoga, which isn’t a certification at all. Now, on the other hand, one can learn from various centers in Goa and Rishikesh, which are pretty famous for their Yoga community and teaching. If you don’t want to take any chances and want to get certified with a certification or accreditation which will be allowed everywhere, you can directly take a course form BFY (Better Fitness For You).

After getting a proper certification, you need to get a professional yoga license; this comes handy if someone undergoes serious injuries or death.

Tips for being a successful Yoga Instructor

  1. Think like a businessman You should always think like businessman while indulging in training sessions because all you do is put your money to gather knowledge (investment) and let it out to other by helping them in return of money (profits). If one feels sympathetic and starts giving out his/her knowledge free of cost to his/her client, they will never be a successful yoga instructor.
  2. Find your purpose and aim in life and be accurate:- This means that one should always remember the purpose in aim in life and why he chose to have such a lifestyle, this would help on fight all odds coming in his/her way to be a successful yogi. Moreover, the spiritual message that each yogi carries within himself is what makes him/her! So, one should be really accurate about the decisions one makes in this career. This not only makes one stand out due to authenticity but also helps in giving one inner peace, which is the sole purpose of yoga!
  3. Remember networking is importantNo network means no growth of business or the name of the yogi. The yogi must always try to get involved in mass yoga functions, workshops and promotional campaigns promoting yoga. This helps spread business real quick and what is famous, is demanded by everyone!
  4. Commitment is the keyThe yogi must remain committed to his/her work, spiritual message and to the purpose in life. This is so because being committed is the only thing that can bring success because no one gets instant success or success when one is just a beginner.
  5. Proper marketingOne needs to market the product properly in order to get the maximum profit! Being a yogi, one can open online yoga classes, tutorials on YouTube and workshops in association with some company that offers accreditations or certifications. One should learn to market oneself and his services on the social media too due to increase in the usage of social media, people are engaging more with businesses that are active on social media because it adds ease of communication.

These were some tips to be successful in the field of yogis, now here are some of the business ideas that are available to all the yogis or aspiring yogis out there:-

  1. Work in a gymThere are many gyms which offer power yoga as a part of aerobics for certain days in a week, one has to contact various gym in order to do so and partner up. This method will definitely pay less to the yogi but when the yogi is working in multiple gyms, he can earn a handsome amount of money. This option is exclusively available to a yogi because they have classes only once a week in a gym and can conduct their classes elsewhere.
  2. Employee in a Yoga StudioThere are places where people are only dedicated to yoga, they just come to do yoga everyday under the supervision of some trained yogi. Here, the yogi needs to contact the yoga studio and impress the owner enough to get hired; getting hired entirely depends on the skills of the yogi as well as the tuning in the spiritual message of the yogi and the owner of the yoga studio!
  3. Own a Yoga StudioOne can also open a yoga studio in order to get the maximum benefits. Here, the yogi needs to hire other yogis. This studio works in a way similar to a gym, only difference being that it solely focuses on yoga. For this, one needs to put in investment but the profits are great too!
  4. Teacher for an academy offering accreditations or certificationThis one is the most lucrative and well-paying of all the other options because it ensures a constant job, constant as well as great pay! This way one can also gain a lot of experience with other pupils as the people coming to get certified aren’t only doing it for fitness but are equally interested in the field like the yogi. So, one gets to know the spiritual perspective of others too!
  5. Offer outdoor classes One can also choose to give outdoor lessons; in this case, there are no particular investments except for the ones in marketing oneself. This revolves around the concept of free space training, where one just calls his/her pupils in an open area (public) and teaches them there!
  6. Become a teacher at holiday spotsPeople like to get indulged in spiritual training during their holidays and leisure time, so giving out classes at holiday spots or teaching yoga to common people at popular holiday destinations can yield great profits!

This was all about the life of yoga instructor, tips for them and the appropriate business ideas available for them! To sum it all up, life isn’t easy for a yogi yet it is rewarding! I wish you luck and tons of success if you’re going to get in this field!


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Workout Gear Market in India

As we all are well aware of the steep rise in the market of fitness in the past few years, along with it there is another industry whose growth came hand in hand. That industry is workout gear industry.

Since the current generation is much into fitness, there is a need of apparels that they would require in order to go to various gyms, etc. Moreover, these apparels have also been in vogue lately. They have paved their way into the fashion, modeling and Bollywood industries as well. Apart from this, we can see numerous people partying and clubbing in these workout gears. To add to this, we see a lot of people publishing end number of blogs regarding tips for athleisure trends. Athleisure itself is a clothing style now.

Market Size

The market size of workout gear is equal to the market size of all the fitness industry, sports industry and half of the fashion industry combined together. This is so because all of the people need clothes in order to perform the required set of fitness activities. Apart from these, there are a number of people who just go for them in order to stay in the trend which involved athleisure wear. These gears are considered to be much classy when worn to an informal event or during clubbing. We also see a number of celebrities in athleisure gear during various photo shoots and parties. This itself has set the trend. Apart from these, all the cricketers, footballers and other sports person require proper workout or fitness gear. As per Euromonitor report, Sportswear is expected exceed a strong retail value CAGR of 12% over the expected period with sales expected to touch Rs. 540 billion by the year 2020.

Workout Gear Manufacturers

There are a lot of companies involved in the manufacture of various workout gears, some of the leading international brands are- Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Yonex, Quechua, Nivia, Fila, Under Armour, etc. These brands have great sales in India as the quality of their gears and the brand name itself sets a bar. Moreover, these brands are famous all around the globe and competing with them is tough but still manageable in India if you provide great quality products at a cheaper rate.

Establish Your Own Brand

Apart from the legal work that is required to set up the brand, you need various other things to keep in mind. Here, I’ll provide you with some of the insights you need to take care of before stepping in the field, they are:-

  1. Idea and Customer Need Today’s market is all about the quality at a cheaper price; this is the prime need of customers. If your brand provides good quality gears at a rate that is cheaper as compared to other brands, that are well-established in the market. Moreover, everyone gets bored of all the technologies and kind of workout gears available in the market. So, you need to be innovative regarding your design and technologies used.
  2. Scan the Market This is the most important part after you’ve got an idea. This requires you to thoroughly go through the market and find if your idea clashes with an already existing idea in the market, if it is, remember you’re number two!
  3. Business Plan­- This is a great way of attracting investors and partners but along with it, it helps you find the flaws in the picture that you’ve in your head. With time, the business plan and strategies are bound to change for healthy growth in sales of the items.
  4. Money The money required to open a brand is huge, you need to put in a lot of investment. So, be careful and determined before stepping in the field.
  5. Entrepreneurship This is another important mindset. You need to put in efforts 24/7 unlike a 9-5 job. Moreover, an entrepreneur is a person who puts ideas into reality, everyone has some unique ideas but the means to convert them into reality is the job of an entrepreneur.
  6. Defining your Brand Next, you need to develop a clear image of what all things you’re going to manufacture!
  7. Sourcing Finding appropriate material at the cheapest rates without compromising with the quality is another essential thing to look after before you start manufacturing.
  8. Pricing It is an important aspect which defines the sale of your products. You need to set your price in a competitive manner; it should provide value for money as well as is cheaper to other brands.
  9. Marketing and Sales The marketing of the products should be done properly because there are already end number of companies in the market who are offering various workout gear and have a good brand loyalty. So, you need to get the customers out of their bag. The sales of the products should also be checked regularly and any fall in the sale should always be looked after. The customer care should be pretty active because any fault in your product can bring down your market considerably.

So, these were all the things that you should keep in mind. Now, there are some legal formalities which need to be fulfilled, they are the basic permissions required to carry out a business.

Some of the Indian companies already in the market are- HRX by Hrithik Roshan, 2go, Shiv Naresh Sports, NNN, Aesthetic Nation, etc.


Market Requirements

Though the mass sale is of athleisure clothing yet there are other departments which need to be taken care of as their requirement is also increasing. Some of the other products that are much demanded are-

  1. Workout belts
  2. Sport shoes
  3. Gym bags and kit bags(for various sports)
  4. Abdominal Guards and supporters
  5. Gym gloves, grips and wrist bands
  6. Water bottles and sippers

So, this was all about the industry, hope you guys get an idea about the marketing strategies and market type. I wish you all the luck for the business!



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Age group :- 18-34 years

Description:- this age group performs more physical activity this age groups comprises of students and working professional having active lifestyle from office work to high intensity exercises, this age group is full of energy they require adequate ratio of carbohydrates to perform day to day work,adequate amount of protein for growth and development of body and healthy fats to retain vitamins and Hormonal functions.

Calorie requirements

  • Male- 2500 calories
  • Female- 2000 calories

Diet Chart For 2200 calories

Macro nutrient Calories Amount
Carbohydrates 990 248 gms
Proteins 580 145 gms
Fats 630 70 gms


Meal time Foods Quantity Calories  
Breakfast Egg 3 In no. 234  
  Porrige 100 gm    
  Whole  milk 1 cup 103  
Mid morning Fruit salad (banana, kiwi, apple, papaya) 100 gm 50  
  Dry fruits 1 bowl 150  
  Brown bread 4 slice 280  
Lunch Chapati 2 in no. 100  
  Chickpeas 30 gms 101  
  Chicken breast 100 gms 165  
  Curd 1 bowl 113  
Evening Banana peanut butter shake


1 glass 150  
  Brown rice 100 grams 111  
Dinner Chapati 4 in no. 200  
  Paneer 100 gms 265  
  Moong dal 30 grams 100 calories  
  Vegetable soup 1 bowl 159  
Bed time Whole  milk 250ml 110  
    Total 2281  



Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds
  • 1 cup kale
  • 1 ripe pineapple,
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter



  1. Add almond milk and chia seeds to the blender and let sit for 15 minutes for the chia seeds to go to work.
  2. Add remaining ingredients, excluding the ice, into a blender and blend until smooth or your desired consistency. If desired add in the ice and blend for a further minute.


Nutrition Amount
Calories 201
Carbs 38 g
Protein 7 g
Potassium 546 mg
Sodium 162 mg

Health Club as a Business in India

What is a Health Club?

A health club is a place that has exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. There are a number of areas in a health club, which are as follows:-

  1. Main Workout Area This area consists of free weights including dumbbells, barbells, stands, benches and exercise machines which use cables, gears, etc. There are numerous mirrors in this area so as to provide the client with different views of themselves while exercising, so they may correct their posture.
  2. Cardio Area This area includes various cardiovascular related machines such as rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills. This area is equipped with numerous television sets and music systems which helps in keeping the clients entertained while working out. Apart from this, many health clubs provide the clients with various magazines and newspapers too.
  3. Sports FacilitiesThese are the fun part of a health club. It has various sports facilities such as swimming pools, squash courts, indoor running tracks, etc.
  4. Personal TrainersThere are a number of trained and qualified personal trainers available in the health club. Clients need to pay a few extra bucks for hiring personal trainers. These trainers assess their clients’ physique and design the workout schedule as well as the nutrition plan. Moreover, when you hire a personal trainer, he/she will watch you throughout your workout!
  5. Other ServicesThere are a number of other services offered by a health club; these include- snacks bar, steam room, sauna room, restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

So, these were the services offered by a health club. Now, the question arises, what is the difference between a gym and a health club. There are a number of cases when these terms are used interchangeably but both of them have a specific meaning attached to them.

Difference between a gym and a Health Club

These are one of the most confused terms in the history of fitness. There are a number of differences between both of them.

  1. A gym is a place which is favorable for a bodybuilder or one who needs to build a muscular physique. On the other hand, the atmosphere of a health club is pretty casual; people just want to be fit.
  2. Gym has only a limited number of facilities and amenities, a health club outnumbers the gym in these. Gyms are of various types, there are specializations in the case of the gyms. On the other hand, a health club is more generalized and have various sections that help and individual to reach the peak of their fitness.

Opening a Health Club

There are a number of things that you must keep in mind before stepping in this business. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Finance Finance plays an important role in opening of any business. You need to get finances ready; before this, you need to set up a proper business plan which can be executed as well as presented before the financers. If you’re going for finance, then you need to check the average cost of opening a gym, I’m not specifying it here because it depends on city to city and even on different areas in the city. After securing the finances by personal means or by getting the funding from the financers, one needs to think of the different machineries one needs to buy and the hiring process of various trainers.
  2. Survey before picking location One needs to thoroughly go through various locations available before selecting one. Moreover, a health club require large amount of land, so one needs to keep a check on their business plan and decide the place accordingly.
  3. Consider the licensing requirements You need to go through the licenses required to own a gym. The registrations required for opening the gym are- service tax registration, SSI registration, clearance from police department and gym registration.
  4. Understand the value of insuranceMany people inside your premises are going to be indulged in many harmful activities. Many will go for the use of drugs and steroids which can lead to severe loses, other are going to be indulged in high-intensity exercise which may be unsafe for them. So, one has to be sure that he has insurance which they can rely on in case of any lethal accidents.
  5. Hire Wisely Hiring your employees is another important factor that can make or break your health club. You don’t only need qualified and certified trainers but also sports experts who can help your clients with various sports activities available in your health club. For a health club, you need numerous instructors for department of your health club. Apart from this, you need good chefs, masseurs and therapists too!
  6. Give offers during the early stageYou should always provide your customers with some advantage over the other gyms. You have to provide the membership at lower prices as compared to your competitors.

Now, coming to the options you have got while opening a health club:-

  1. Opening health club as an individualIf you decide to open a health club as an individual, you yourself have to take care about the entire place, its maintenance, etc.
  2. Opening health club with a partnerHaving a partnership in the health club is a big step. You need to be well aware of the person you’re going to be partner with. You should neither be too friendly to them nor entirely unknown to them. Being too friendly will put you both at a disadvantage while dividing the profits in an unbiased manner. You both shouldn’t be entirely unknown to each other because that would result is conflicting decisions regarding the business as you don’t know the level of compatibility between both of you.
  3. Taking a franchiseTaking a franchise is a lucrative option now-a-days as it has a lower risk of failure. This is so because only well-known health clubs give away franchises and the probability of failure of big chains is way too less.


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Protein Shake Market

There has been a steep rise in the field of sports, especially fitness lately in India. The credit goes to the Bollywood and the modeling industry which has been promoting fit models, actors and actresses. Moreover, there is a huge requirement of jacked up models and actors which in turn promotes bodybuilding industry. The sports industry has also played a major role by supporting bodybuilding and physique competitions. Due to all this, the requirement for supplements has increased manifolds as it is impossible to achieve the desired physique without the aid of supplements. Thus, the supplement market has seen great growth; to be precise; the most demanded supplement is protein shake!

Market Size

As discussed above the size of the protein shake market is pretty large and is expected to grow at CAGR of about 20% till 2022 compared to what it was before 2017. This is so because people are getting more and more aware of the health benefits of the protein shakes.

The market of protein supplements in India is pretty dominant in the southern region of the country which is greater than 34% of the total protein consumption in the entire country. There are a great number of consumers in the market and 78% of adolescents of the urbanized areas of India are in the list of daily consumers of dietary supplements. Thus, we can conclude that there is a huge market of protein supplements in India.


Protein Manufacturers

There are a lot of protein manufactures around the world who import their products to India, the dominant ones are ON (Optimum Nutrition), Dymatize, Muscletech, etc. These brands have well-established their name in India and have a brand loyalty as much of the people have got great results using their products. Since these brands are famous in the western part of the world too, so establishing your own brand’s name against them is a Herculean task!


How to establish a Protein Manufacturing Company

This task is pretty tough because it requires one to compete with various other foreign brands which have already well-established their market! Moreover, the investment required is quite large too. After all this, if you still manage to get all the stuff done, you need to give a good reason to the consumers to try out your brand. Moreover, the pricing of your products should be such that it gives tough competition to all other foreign brands which are dominating the market.

The protein shakes in India ranges from Rs. 1,000 to approximately 9,000 for 5 lbs. of protein. Now, you need to find the appropriate price range you want your products to compete with. General rule is- “More the protein (isolated), more the price”. There has been a weak hole in the protein supplement industry which can hinder all the great brands’ sale out there, it is the gray market! If you give your customers 100% genuine protein with no chemical additives, the amount of your customer base will definitely increase over time because it is known to all that the fake products kill the kidneys!

Six Star Nutrition, Muscleblaze, TNC and Vigourfuel are some of the best Indian protein manufacturing companies but these companies don’t provide a tough competition to their western counterparts. The Indian brands are used only because they are cheaper, you will not see any professional athlete using Indian protein supplements.

Some of the Indian protein shake brands import all the stuff required for the protein shake from the foreign and process it, add flavors and enzymes.

The legal work that you need to complete before manufacturing protein is as follows:-

  1. Get your company registered or approved by the Government as Food Company.
  2. You need to get a FSSAI certificate.
  3. You need to get a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification which ensures that the products are being constantly produced and pass the regular quality measure tests.
  4. ISO certification for the company and the product.



Protein distribution is required in India as most of the protein available in the market is of foreign brands which require importing the products. Now, some of the trusted distributors in India are:-

  1. NEUVERA Wellness Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Bright Commodities
  3. Primarc Pecan Retail Private Limited
  4. Healthkart
  5. ARC Distributors
  6. Global Implex
  7. Paradise Nutrition
  8. Arena Implex
  9. 121 World Exports
  10. Polar Exim Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Kar Enterprises

These were all the trusted distributors in the Indian market. Always make sure that your protein shake has branding of any one of these distributors. Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, we need to assure the quality of the food supplement that we’re having.



Protein Supplement Shops

There has been a great increase in the number of protein supplement shops lately due to increase in craze of bodybuilding and fitness. Some of the shops which are pretty famous in the city sell genuine products but most of them are a part of the gray market.

The fake supplement market chain is referred to as gray market. This market is not only responsible for bringing a bad name to the fitness and supplement industry but also killing many of its clients. Some local supplement shops and pharmacies are offered to sell fake protein supplements where they can have large amount of profits. These supplements are difficult to identify as they have almost same packaging with a slight differences but can be verified by visiting the site of the manufacturer. One should always buy supplements from trusted shops.

Since the gray market is increasing rapidly, there is great scope of opening authentic protein supplement shops in the market. These would rapidly attract a large customer base as the fake products fail to give results. For this, one needs to get in touch with the authentic distributors of each brand they want to have in their shop and get all the legal work for opening a supplement store done. Moreover, this field is great from business point of view as it offers 70-80% profit margin of the product price.



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Bacteria are always known to cause diseases and infections and therefore  are regarded as a awful for our food. But today these bacteria plays an important role in human body, these bacteria are vital for improving digestion and preventing colon cancer.

During fever when we take the antibiotics, these antibiotics destroys our body’s natural flora and therefore our body’s digestion hails down and therefore to restore the natural flora in our body we need probiotiocs, these Probiotics  live microorganisms intended to provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the gut flora. Probiotics are considered generally safe to consume, but may cause bacteria-host interactions and unwanted side effects in rare cases.


  • Balance good bacteria in our body
  • Prevent diarrhea
  • Keep heart healthy
  • Improve mental health conditions
  • Prevent allergies
  • Boost immune system



  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Sauerkraut
  • Tempeh
  • Pickles
  • Buttermilk
  • Cheese